Industrial automation and robotics offer multiple possibilities to enhance production and material flow. Automatization improves production, speeds up material handling processes and increases the working safety, ergonomics and well-being of the employees.

Algol Technics is a systems supplier of industrial production and packaging cells and lines built around robotics. Over a short time, we have grown into a significant automation supplier for global companies, such as Nokia Networks, ABB and Wärtsilä.

We design and manufacture overall industrial systems for automation of production and logistics. The overall system encompasses everything from design to building the system, testing and installing it and providing user training. In addition, the deliveries can be combined with both integration into the customer’s ERP system and our industrial internet application.

The world keeps changing and developing. At Algol Technics, we already take this into account at the design phase. We implement modular systems that can be adapted according to the customer’s production. We anticipate future changes during design to ensure flexible automation. Flexible production allows you to manufacture different kinds of products according to demand.

This means that one production line can produce several kinds of products during the same day. Set-up time is minimised when changing the product: the production line user selects the settings for the product from the user interfaces and the system automatically makes adjustments for optimal production for the product in question. The line user also selects the correct components for the product in the feeding devices. This allows the manufacture of several different products in one day according to demand.

Our systems are used in

  • assembly
  • various treatments for pieces
  • packaging
  • testing
  • stacking
  • inspections (machine vision)
  • sorting

Our systems are based on the technology of the world famous manufacturers. On top of this we put our engineering, planning, installation and support services. This is why we are capable to meet the customer's demand even to the smallest details. We offer both stand alone cells aswell as full production lines and plants. 

We offer:

  • Industrial and mobile robots
  • Automation systems and machine vision
  • Conveyors
  • Automatic storages
  • AGVs
  • Software and supplies

To all our systems we offer maintenance services and spare parts.