Automatic warehouse solutions

Automated warehouse solutions help reduce product losses and maintain optimal stock balances while enabling accurate FIFO and LIFO accounting.

The automated warehouse systems supplied by Algol Technics offer an effective and reliable solution for warehousing boxes, pallets and sheets, as well as long items. Our solutions often include automated conveyor and collection systems.

We begin by analysing the customer’s warehouse operations and identifying development needs, on the basis of which we select together the most suitable solution. By doing so we help improve the customer’s profitability, for example by optimising workforce and space utilisation, as well as by enhancing ergonomics and occupational safety.

Modern warehouses generate significant savings in building and operating costs due to the smaller space required, as well as in heating, lighting and ventilation. We also help to improve the customer’s own reliability and process control by ensuring the trouble-free function of our systems with the help of the highest quality product solutions and maintenance services.

Our automated warehouse solutions are based on the technologies supplied by Dematic and Fehr Lagerlogistik, the world’s leading stacker manufacturers.

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