Rail service equipment

Rail service equipment

Windhoff Bahn- und Anlagentechnik GmbH manufactures specialised rail vehicles used for infrastructure and service trains, as well as electric and diesel shunting machines, shunting locomotives, and stationary shunting equipment.

Windhoff also manufactures a wide range of rail service equipment, including lifting equipment, traversers and turntables and equipment for wheelset maintenance, including wheel and bogie drop machines, and wheelset and bogie measuring equipment.

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4/2020: Windhoff wins Deutsche Bahn general contract for Lifting Jacks

5/2020: Windhoff to Deliver 3-Section Track Laying Train to VGF Frankfurt


Windhoff shunting vehicles come with different types of drive systems

Battery-electric drive

For use in workshops or storage facilities or at smaller sidings, most operators prefer emission-free, battery-electric drive systems. These vehicles are available with towing forces from 20 to 70 kN.

(Mains) Electric drive

Electric drive systems with energy supply via an on-board cable reel are ideal solutions for use inside of workshops or outside when only short distance must be covered. These vehicles are available with towing forces from 20 to 100 kN.

Diesel-hydraulic drive

For longer and unrestricted towing operations in open areas, Diesel-hydraulic drive systems are the best solutions. These vehicles are available with towing forces from 50 to 240 kN.


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