Telelift Univan AGV


Telelift Univan AGV

Telelift AGVs are an ideal solution for transporting bigger and heavier loads inside a hospital or healthcare unit.

They can serve as a single robot or a full fleet of robots carrying goods from place to another. Telelift AGVs are typically used to follow a marked path but they can also be equipped with a self-navigating system which means they don't need any tapes or mirrors to keep them on path. The most suitable navigation is decided for each solution. AGVs can be also equipped with robotic arms, locked storage or conveyors. 

AGVs are programmed to communicate with elevators so they can travel from floor to another. They can go around obsticles and have advanced safety features which allow them move safely around tunnels and hallways.

Automation delivers reliability, consistency, cost effectiveness and efficiency. Both planned and unplanned deliveries can be handled by AGVs. There is no typical task for an AGV to carry - they deliver linen and laundry aswell as blood and sterile instruments. Each solution is tailormade to meet the demands of a single hospital or healthcare unit.

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