Avento Premium

Avento Premium

The full suspension Avento Premium model is suitable also for narrow spaces and has been designed to minimise fatigue, reduce vibrations and absorb jolts even at high speeds. The special upholstery provides maximum grip for the driver, even in wet clothes.



The seat can be mounted on a box, rails or pedestal. Armrests are available individually, either with or without upholstery. The seat weight is 23.5 kg with armrests and headrest and 20 kg without.


  • seatback angle adjustment -5° to +20° in 2.5° incrementsw
  • weight adjustment 45–130 kg
  • mechanical suspension, 80 mm
  • accessories: Headrest, armrests, lap belt, pedestal and adjustment rails
  • durable and tested materials
  • select from two basic colour combinations, also available without upholstery
  • suspension kit also available separately.


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