Co-MAC 1600


Co-MAC 1600

A modular automation cell. Suitable for assembly automation, screwing, gluing and inspection. Easy to customise for different applications. For example, the creation of working cycles for new products without logistics or robot programming, directly from the user interface.

An open interface for various component feeding devices. This device is suitable for many different industries, such as the assembly industry. Its work area is 2,000 cm x 2,000 cm x 200 cm.



  • A robot cell based on modular automation.
  • Various feeding devices can be connected to the cell using the EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP and I/O interface; a total of 12 connection interfaces.
  • The robot has 5 tool changing points.
  • When necessary, the cell can be equipped with a pallet track or different kinds of conveyor systems.
  • The cell can be equipped with ABB robots up to size IRB1600.
  • Visual user interface with upper level connections.
  • Cell measurements: LxWxH 3,000 cm x 2,500 cm x 2,650 cm.
  • Applications include assembly automation, screwing, gluing, pick & place, inspection, etc.

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