Co-Tray Feeder


Co-Tray Feeder

A feeding device for trays. Suitable as a feeding device for cells or production lines where light pieces are fed into production in a certain position; for example, in the electronics industry.

The device is designed for standard-sized trays (300 cm x 340 cm), but it can also be scaled for other sizes.



  • Unstacker/feeding device for component trays.
  • Can be equipped with a tray exchange manipulator.
  • A buffer stock of two stacks.
  • Payload 18 kg per stack.
  • Max. tray size 300 cm x 340 cm x 50 cm.
  • Changeover time of component trays 4 seconds.
  • Connections to the production line:
    • Its own control/safety circuit
    • I/O
    • Ethernet/IP.
  • Graphic interface.

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